Holiday apps FOR ADULTS

Written by LetsGoTravel Team

Ok so we previously covered top apps for kids when travelling but what about you guys, the ones who pay for this holiday! To help you get the most out of your holiday we have selected a small collection (well 5) of the best apps for you to use when out and about. Again, we have kept them strictly cheap so you can spedn your money on another sex on the beach or an extra scoop of that amazing ice cream you only get abroad! Enjoy!!

Foodspotting App
App Name: Foodspotting
OS: Apple & Android
Cost: Free
Description: Jumping straight into the main reason I go abroad, the food! I cant get enough of food and this app is right up my street. When you are out and about you want to know a good palce to eat, so use this little beauty to tap into a wealth of research and info. Simply type what you fancy or where you are and you will soon be drooling at the sight of great food – the imagery is pretty decent aswell to really get you in the mood!

iTranslate App
AppName: iTranslate
OS: Apple & Android
Cost: Free
Description: I hate going aborad and not being able to speak even remotely a little of the native language! iTranslate is a great app that lets you speak into it and it spits out gobbledygook back, apparently in the language that you want…it could easily be something completely difference, but we’ll let you find that out for yourself!

Sunscreen App
App Name: Sunscreen
OS: Apple
Cost: Free
Description: Bleugh, sunscreen, everyone hates it but we all know its pretty essential unless you enjoy rocking the stiff lobster look and moaning like a little girl on school day! Add your skint ype and the SPF you are using and this little app will shout you when you need another lathering of the white stuff!

TravelSafePro App
App Name: travelSafePro
OS: Android
Cost: £0.99
Description: Ok ok ok a boring one for the worrying family member – this app brings you a list of emergency service numbers & other helpful numbers and locations for every country you could ever caret to frequent! Just incase something does happen (touchwood!)

Google Goggles
App Name: Google Goggles
OS: Android & apple
Cost: Free
Description: One for the potential sightseers! Surrounded by old buildings and for some reason you want to know there back story, fire this app up, get the building to strike a pose and snap that bad boy to get all of the info on it…as long as its famous and / or old enough then you should be hit with a tonne of info and can now bore everyone around you! Viola!

One for luck and fun is ‘swearport‘ – look it up on Android, it’s a quid and tells you a great list of expletives in other languages just incase that greek driver of yours does go a little too far!