Holiday Apps FOR KIDS

Written by LetsGoTravel Team

In todays world it seems like you would be committing a holy sin to leave the house without some sort of device nestled in your pocket, god forbid you leave your iphone on charge or leave your ipad next to the toilet where you finally completed level 75 on angry birds! Besides losing hours on bejewelled, tech is becoming an ever increasing nicety in our lives and this is no better demonstrated than when travelling with kids.

Oh look honey, little jimmy is bored so he is using the oxygen mask from under his seat as a slingshot” – real event!

Keeping the kids occupied is an ever daunting task, so we’ve scoured the net for a few app-solute gems (yes, we have wit in abundance) when it comes to tackling bored child syndrome – we’ve kept them free or cheap, because we all know that money is better spent on holiday!
Enjoy kiddies!

Starring You APp
App Name: Starring You
OS: Apple
Cost: Free
Description: Starring You is a nice little app that lets your child be the star of their very own book. Simply upload a piccy and a few details and jobs a good’un! They’ll love reading about themselves being the hero!

History Hero App
App Name: History Hero
OS: Apple
Cost: Free
Description: Its hard to get some kids interested in something a bit more educational that saved by the bell (Just me??) but History Hero does a great job of combining an interactive video game with factually sound historical events. This covers the whole age range from 4 to adult so give it a go and see if you can learn a thing or 2!

Fish Out of Water App
App Name: Fish out of Water
OS: Android & Apple
Description: Fish Out of Water Is a fun game for everyone. It basically involves you selecting one of 6 cute fish and hurling them out of the water to see how far they can go – have I not sold it to you?? Its bloody super addictive and at £0.69 it will keep everyone busy whilst seeing who can get the highest score!

Baby Pet Vet Doctor App
App Name: Baby Pet Vet Doctor
OS: Apple
Cost: Free
Description: Who doesn’t love nursing a battered old jack russell back to health. The title pretty much says it all, get this cute little animals smiling by trimming their nails and giving them injections. Can everyone say aaaahhhhhh!

Petting Zoo App
App Name: Petting Zoo
OS: Apple
Cost: Free £1.49
Description: This used to be free but they have since added a price, but it is worth it. A great app voted a top app in Germany. A collection of animated animals that react to the different ways you swipe them, great animations and humour – a great purchase!

I hope these help with your travelling young ones! One App I haven’t tried yet but want to is the ‘Kids Learn Spanish’ by Busuu – I think teaching kids a language at an early age is great and plus the App is free. Your littl’un might even be able to teach you a thing or two when ordering off the menu in Tenerife next time you go!