Sun Holiday Codes 2014

Sun Holiday Codes 2014

Written by LetsGoTravel Team

So the infamous Sun Holiday £9.50 holiday codes are back with a vengeance in 2014. The codes will be printed in The Sun newspaper from the 4th January and we plan to keep this page updated as soon as the codes are printed so you lovely people can benefit from booking a cheap as chips family get away in 2014.

You will need to grab 10 codes from the below list, once we have updated this page, then simply follow our instructions to get a cheap getaway!


  • Saturday January 4th 2014 Holiday Code – GOOD
  • Sunday January 5th 2014 Holiday Code – RACE
  • Monday January 6th 2014 Holiday Code – SHOW
  • Tuesday January 7th 2014 Holiday Code – KITE
  • Wednesday January 8th 2014 Holiday Code – ABLE
  • Thursday January 9th 2014 Holiday Code – NEON
  • Friday January 10th 2014 Holiday Code – ECHO
  • Saturday January 11th 2014 Holiday Code – GONE
  • Sunday January 12th 2014 Holiday Code – PS61

For full details and full instructions on how to book your Sun Holiday, visit The Sun Holiday page