Meet Us

Our site is here dedicated to the sole purpose of providing great travel discounts for people, like you, looking to travel or holiday abroad. Whether this be for pleasure, business or some other crazy reason, we think you should pay as little as you need to.

We are the site owners (Arty and Daniel, below) and we love to travel, its becoming increasingly hard to afford or justify the amount we have to pay to get away. Daniel has a small family and so the only real option is a once a year (maximum) holiday which then becomes such a big deal and money really does play the number 1 factor in choosing where to go. For this reason alone, we decided to start a site to help find any little tips or deals we could to save the average man, women & child as much money as possible – making going away as less of a burden as possible.

We are hoping to extend this site beyond a simple discount site, but hey, we all need to start somewhere so we’d love you to join us now and hopefully share our journey in helping you and everyone else save money on their travels.

Arty – Helps source the discounts and content for the site, so if there is anything you need, fire an email over and he will do his best to help.

Daniel – Works on the website to help make it technically sound so when you need a discount, you can find one!